About Us


Iggnition is an enterprise software company with a suite of products and services for eCommerce, logistics and fulfillment. Our goal is to enable customers to quickly build or expand their eCommerce business.

Iggnition was officially launched in 2012 when we acquired robust logistics software to manage the supply chain process from manufacturing and warehouse management to customer delivery. This software, now fully modernized to work on any mobile device, drives supply chain efficiencies for our customers.

Ecommerce is the first pillar of our business. Iggnition has a creative suite of eCommerce products with new and innovative ways of going to market from an individual eStore, to eMalls, and eMarketplaces. The eStore is the first of these products and enables you to launch or expand an online store and easily add your inventory, images, and prices etc. Services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing and our Expanded Network Services can help take your eStore sales to new levels. EMalls are the second product in our eCommerce suite. EMalls are a groups or combinations of stores and might be dedicated to an industry, target market, or community. The third product in our eCommerce suite is the eMarketplace. This product is designed to create international platforms for B2B and B2C across multiple industries.

Logistics capabilities and expertise are the second pillar of Iggnition. Where many companies offer eCommerce web design and creation, few have the tools to enable eCommerce with supply chain optimization. Products such as Warehouse Management, Order Management, Inventory Management, Pick & Pack, Kitting & Assembly, Quality Assurance and Compliance, Cross-dock, Reverse Logistics and Extended Automation can reduce costs and drive efficiencies.

Our software has been sold (under License) to corporate enterprises such as: Mattel, Corporate Express, Columbia Sportswear and its software distributed products for Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Alberto Culver, and Becton Dickinson. The software has been recognized by several publications for its success in achieving improved inventory and shipping accuracy, and increasing warehouse productivity.

Fulfillment is the third pillar of the Iggnition business. Rather than build or expand your own warehouse, take advantage of our extensive network of over 175 warehouses. As shoppers demand next day and even same day deliveries, strategically placing inventory in key distributions centers could make the difference in sales. Iggnition provides the solutions so you don’t need to shop for additional warehouse space. It’s ready when you need it.